2012-01-31 Software sergio

We’ve resuscitated an old, slow and crappy (640×220 (!!!) in 16:9 9″) digital photo frame these days and my wife selected a bunch of photos from various trips we made to put it there, 654 images.

My old experience with that frame was warning me that 10M photos was a NONO, so I searched for a batch resize and crop utility. The batch resize is really easy to find, but not the crop part, so I’ve wrote my little utility for that, with python and PIL.

Testing it with the TV Ive come with another need, the TV doesnt do slideshows with multiple directories so a output format that puts all image files in the same directory preserving the original order in the tree is needed, so this utility have his 1.0 initial public version already working (my photo frame is happily showing photos now) but with a TODO.

Published in github, batchcropresize in Enjoy.