Sergio Bruder, marido, pai, desenvolvedor Linux, nerd. Este site é minha presença web pessoal.

Para trabalho, A igreja em que participo, Bobagens que tenham a ver com a antiga turma que trabalhava comigo na Conectiva,

Aqui você encontra os pequenos projetos open source pessoais e meu blog de comentários randômicos sobre o assunto que estiver me ocupando no momento. Seja bem vindo.

11 thoughts on “Sobre

  1. Hey Sergio,

    I am currently looking at implementing memcached with our site which is developed in Silverstripe.

    I came across a post of yours talking about some work you had done around a similar requirement. Did you ever end up completing that silverstripe memcached module?

    Would love to have a look at it and perhaps continue its development.


  2. Boa tarde Sergio.
    Estava olhando sua calculadora de CG, para asas, e notei que os textos estão meio misturados, inglês e português na mesma tela juntos, independente da “Bandeira” ecolhida.

  3. A calculadora de C.G. é muito completa, parabéns. Na página da calculadora o senhor pede sugestões, então, vai as minhas: a) Acrescentar um campo exibindo aspect ratio (ou alongamento) da asa; b) Campo com a “carga alar cúbica”, algo que está na moda, é útil, também.

  4. Hi Sergio,

    I developed this site with the help of and of course with his approval. I needed a fuselage option as well but also wanted to place components. Now I have seen your multipart options I am impressed. It looks a hundred times better than my site. (I have used it many times to double check my outputs).

    You asked for suggestions then, would you consider including the parts calculator option? I find it so useful to get my COG just right. It was a bit of a challenge for me but feel free to use to code.





  5. hello Sergio,
    your flying wings CG calculator is very usfull.
    thanks and congratulation for this great tool.

    i found a very small bug, maybe you would like to correct it : it did not like 90° angle.
    see this wings that i made just to find the problem:

    if panel 2 span is > 0, then the cg is computed correctlly.


  6. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your WingCG Calculator. It’s AWESOME!
    You mention, you’re opened to new ideas. Have you though about adding second wing area into equation ( Leading or tailing horizontal stabilizers ).
    It can open wide range of possibilities and will allow users to calculate traditional planes.


  7. Hi
    Great work.

    On your next version could you please include the Aspect Ratio as well as the Neutral Point. You already have the NP in your CG calculation.


  8. Hi Sergio,
    Very nice cg wing calculator, I learned a lot about cg possition on v inverted wing, due to no other cg calculator accept negative sweep values

  9. Sergio,
    OMG.. what a great tool.
    I stumbled across Phil`s tool and found it great for adding components.
    But I also wanted to build 2 part wings like Chimera.
    Thank both of you guys.. unbelievably insanely great.
    Wouldn`t it be great if the 2 could be combined..
    Sergio`s multi panel concept with the ability to add components..
    I was also wondering, does the foil type make any difference to CG?

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