Wordpress is no more, long live Hugo

2018-08-10 Nerd Software
After some (great deal of) abandonment, I’ve created some new random stuff in my blog, only to actually see the sad state it was. I’ve contemplated the idea of still maintaining it, update wordpress and all that jazz. The last drop of water was some uploaded php in it. So no more. Wordpress is no more, live long and prosper Hugo. Out is the old php runtime, in is the pre-generated static content. Continue reading

Latest Centos 7 AMI

2018-07-27 Nerd Software sergio

That’s around the internet but I keep searching for it every time, so here it is as a public memory:


  • You want an HVM, EBS backed, x86_64 image of the latest version of CentOS 7
  • You have configured the desired region and credentials for the AWS SDK
  • The Owner ID for the official CentOS organisation remains 679593333241 Continue reading

You've forgot one file out of your last commit, didn't ya?

2015-09-20 Nerd Software sergio
And now you’ve got 2 commits that were supposed to be one. Fear not! Add this to your Alias section of ~/.gitconfig: squash = "!f(){ git reset --soft HEAD~${1} && git commit --edit -m\"$(git log --format=%B --reverse HEAD..HEAD@{1})\"; };f" Now you can simply do a git squash 2 to join these last 2 commits together.
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